Optimize Your School’s MarCom Efforts with a Communications Audit

Organizations, schools, and businesses are complex by nature. From a marketer’s point of view, once you have your messaging established, your brand positioning well-known, at least communicating with your key constituents should be relatively simple… right? 

Well, we all know that isn’t true; but luckily, the challenge is worthy of the prize. When the practice of communication is truly valued, your institution takes on a living persona to extol your mission. Now you get to connect with, inform, inspire, and educate a community of engaged constituents - and future constituents - who, in turn, help advance your institution. Needless to say, effective communication is critical to the success of any organization which strives to thrive, so we should keep close tabs on how we communicate, and how effective we are in doing so.

In the "Optimize Your School’s MarCom Efforts with a Communications Audit" eBook, our good friend at Enroll Media Group, William Bullard, President at EdChanges, and I answer what communications audits are, why they matter, and how you can begin tackling them without losing sleep.

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Jake Youmell, Co-Founder
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