Confused about the new Google Analytics changes?

For a limited time, Enroll Media Group is offering a Mini Google Analytics 4 Course for school marketers. In this one-on-one course, we'll help you:

  1. Set-Up GA 4 for your school
  2. Configure the right settings & filters
  3. Deploy it on your school's website
  4. Integrate it with the relevant accounts
  5. Set up Custom Events & Conversions
  6. Create must-have school marketing reports

Total Cost: $2,500

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Enroll Media Group partners with over 60 schools to navigate the ambient world of digital marketing, where spending money quickly and ineffectively is all too common in the marketplace.

Our advertising, consulting, media buying, planning, campaign execution, and integrated analysis aim to maximize advertising dollars through data-driven insights that steer organizations forward.

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Located In Worcester, Massachusetts - Enroll Media services nonprofits and schools throughout the United States, from Boston to San Francisco. All partnerships are customized and unique to the client's needs.

“Partnering with EMG is so much more than yielding students. It’s a true partnership. EMG has felt like an extension of our small but mighty department and made our institution feel like their top priority.”
- Brittany Weiss, Stoneleigh-Burnham School