Enroll Media Group Provides Digital Marketing Services for Schools

EMG connects your school with your target audience by leveraging an array of tools and research, including your own enrollment data, market, technology stack and team. Then we go to market with creative, strategic campaigns designed to reach your enrollment and donation goals. We lean into data that makes sense, and we pivot throughout.

Rooted in digital marketing and education backgrounds, the Enroll Media Group team has experience delivering successful marketing strategies specifically for and at schools. School-side experience, coupled with years of agency and media-side work, has allowed us to apply forward-thinking industry best practices to realistic solutions that actually work for schools and their budgets.


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Enroll Media Group has been a powerful addition to our small team and to our school. After our first year with EMG, we identified five families who have enrolled with their first touch point being an EMG ad.

Ben Simon
Ben Simon Columbus School for Girls, OH

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