We help schools of all sizes and missions

Whether you're a small Montessori or an internationally recognized college-prep school, EMG works with a diverse portfolio of organizations to help them reach their enrollment goals.

  • Private & Public K-12 Day Schools
  • Independent Boarding Schools
  • Post Graduate Programs
  • Summer Camps 
  • Childcare Centers
  • Nonprofit education-centric organizations

How we achieve success for our partner schools:

  1. Identify Digital & Enrollment Growth Goals. To ensure high-impact strategies are in place, Enroll Media Group works to identify your marketing and admissions goals in order to develop a unique, customized road map that will connect your schools with the ideal demographics via digital marketing solutions. 

  2. Implement Data-Driven Solutions. With research-driven campaign builds, we execute best-in-class campaigns and share any information discovered throughout the campaigns with clients so they can understand how advertising campaigns directly impact enrollment efforts and can use those insights to steer actions that make sense for admissions.

  3. Analyze & Refine Marketing Strategies. We let data be the guide. This includes digital platform data, as well as admissions and enrollment data. Our reporting, analysis, and consulting provide you with the knowledge you need to continually improve efforts on both ends.