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Angie’s worked directly with over 200 colleges, universities and private K-12 schools to execute strategic digital marketing campaigns that help them meet recruitment goals. Angie's role within Enroll Media Group allows her to provide nonprofits and independent schools the resources, technology, and expertise they need to achieve growth, as an extension of their organization.
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Why Facebook Lead-Ads should be part of your Annual Enrollment Marketing Strategy

Here we are, nearly 4 years into one of Facebook's leading advertising capabilities, and Lead Ads show no signs of slowing down. In the education arena, specifically, Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads can be used for a plethora of admissions goals. From generating open house registrations and inquiries to eBooks and tours, Lead Ads can be used for both the top and the bottom of the funnel strategies. In tandem with other digital marketing, email and traditional efforts, here’s why Lead Ads should absolutely have a place in your admissions marketing plan.

First, let’s take a step back: What exactly are Facebook Lead Ads?

Lead Ads are the best way to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.   With these ads specifically, schools can target users with the same comprehensive parameters & ads we’re used to with Facebook & Instagram, but Lead Ads allow people to show their interest in a product or service by filling out a form right within the ad. Their details, such as name, email, etc., are provided to the advertiser, and the user can carry on without having to leave the Facebook app.

What are the Pros of Lead Ads?

Because a form pops up within the ad when someone expands it, there’s no need to send them to the website first. In some cases, it might even eliminate the need for a custom landing page. Talk about a time saver for schools! However, linking to a landing page on point with the strategy is still recommended within the “thank you” message upon successful form completion in Facebook, to continue the conversation if the user chooses. Generally, linking to admissions or related page on the website will do the trick.

Another benefit is the number of varying fields you can select for your form, which provides great options for schools to gather just enough information about the prospect to be able to continue the conversation by way of email, phone, or direct mail. But be sure to carry the conversation appropriately! Use what you know about the user to carefully craft that next outreach. There’s no need to ask for information you don’t plan to use. Studies still show that the longer the form, the less likely users are to complete it.

What are the Cons of Facebook Lead Ads?

With any Facebook or Instagram ad buy, it’s easy to spend money quickly... and ineffectively. Use extra care to set a solid budget and bidding strategy, with ad creative in line with your target audience, and set realistic goals. Be sure to monitor it closely to ensure you’re reaching other key performance indicators or conversion strategies that you’ve set based on your goals, in addition to driving leads.

One other potential drawback to Lead Ads is that a manual download may be required to retrieve your leads from Facebook, once they've submitted a form. However, some CRM connections exist, as do third-party integrations to streamline the process (like Zapier’s Lead Ads Integration).

How are Lead Ads stacking up for Education-Centric organizations?

With a dozen schools wrapping up Facebook lead-gen campaigns recently, during the last admissions cycle, Enroll Media Group has found that Facebook Lead Ads definitely stack up high on the digital marketing must-haves list. Specifically for PK-12 schools, clients are able to see anywhere from 4 to 20 leads in a given month, for modest budgets ranging between $10-$50 per day. What’s more, the rate of return for most schools is trending high, resulting in at least some or most of the leads actually turning up for the event, booking a tour, inquiring, or starting the application process.

Wholebeing Institute in particular, is an organization that offers the Embodied Positive Psychology Summit - A Workshop At Kripalu, in Western Massachusetts. This workshop is specially designed for educators, administrators, and coaches that may be looking to make a positive difference in K-12 education, higher education, or adult learning. With Facebook Lead Ads, Wholebing Institute was able to generate over 100 leads! What’s more is this lead volume was in tandem with a relatively small time frame, in the 6 weeks leading up to the event, and with a modest budget of just $25/day - a very effective use of their resources.



In addition to Lead Ads providing a huge boost of candidates to register for the Summit, it has also provided a substantial amount of traffic to Wholebeing's site, and boosted awareness for the organization in general. A Zapier connection put the leads into their CRM easily, with an automatic email campaign nurturing them through the event registration and beyond. And with over 100 new self-identified leads, Wholebing Institute can keep them abreast of other offerings, and stay connected for future course enrollment.

Whether your goals are to find more mission-appropriate leads at the top of the funnel or generate some last minute tours mid-way through your admissions cycle, Lead Ads are an effective targeting strategy to gather prospective families with whom you can make a meaningful connection, to nurture and matriculate towards your goals.

If you need help seeing how Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads fit into your admissions marketing calendar - connect with Enroll Media Group.

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Why Print Isn't Dead, From the Digital Marketing Perspective

While schools have increased their Google and Facebook investments in the last few yearsand for good reason (people often use and convert on these platforms)print still has a share of wallet. In fact, print campaigns impact PK-12 enrollment at each stage of the funnel – from awareness and events to applicants and beyond. Here’s why high-quality, well-timed print campaigns are still very much alive and breathing fresh air into the enrollment marketing world.

Today, it's all about an Integrated Strategy

We know multiple touchpoints are essential for reaching more people, as well as improving memory recall and brand recognition, all of which help conversion rates. That’s why it’s critical to optimize your website and your social media presence, while also leveraging videos, paid search and display campaigns to allow for surround digital strategies for optimal results. Here's why print still works as part of that equation:

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7 Digital Strategies for K-12 Summer Program Marketing


Now is the time to kick your Summer Program marketing efforts into high gear. Digital Marketing, when applied strategically, delivers a large impact in a short amount of time. And best of all - it's all trackable! If your K-12 summer program enrollment needs a lift, check out our top tried-and-true tactics for both day and boarding schools.


1. Retargeting: Re-engage the low hanging fruit

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, enables you to reach families who have already gone to your website, and even more specifically, those who only visited your summer program pages. With your new retargeting strategy, the device that they used to view your site has now been “cookied”, so that even after they’ve left your site, they can see and click on your banner ads, while spending time on other websites.

A few tips when retargeting:

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Demystifying Google Ads for the Enrollment Marketer

Google Ads are a common way to reach consumers online. But are they effective for schools and nonprofits looking to enroll students and members or drive donations? Read on to learn if Google Ads are right for your organization!



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3 Website Habits for Schools to Embrace in the New Year

Does your 2019 marketing plan include improving your institution's digital presence? It should! A great place to start with this is to optimize your website. This may sound like a big project but it doesn’t have to be. For many institutions, if you’re wearing multiple hats and working with a shoestring budget, that can cause things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to fall to the wayside.  So how can you develop a way to impact your online presence without creating a ton of work for yourself? As you’re working on New Year’s resolutions, here are some valuable habits you should get into:

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10 Ways to Amplify Marketing Efforts for "Giving Tuesday"

What is “Giving Tuesday”? Thanks to social media activism in recent years, and especially the hashtag #GivingTuesday, this holiday has achieved global recognition as a day that encourages philanthropy and celebrates generosity worldwide. Generally following Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Giving Tuesday is a perfect way for organizations to participate in the holiday spirit of giving.

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Use Google Analytics for Enrollment Marketing Insights

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses to leverage website data, which can help make informed marketing decisions. But how can this heavy e-commerce-driven tool actually help schools and nonprofit organizations? Whether you’re looking to attract members, donors or students, here are a few ways to use Google Analytics smarter, for your enrollment marketing needs.

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3 Things to Avoid When Marketing Your Open House

When it comes to successful enrollment marketing for K-12 schools, I often hear admissions officers say, “If you can just get them to visit the school, we will dazzle them from there.” Since getting families to campus is half the battle, target marketing for an open house is a must-do for independent schools. But in this ever-changing digital landscape, it’s becoming harder to know who to market to, what to say, and how to measure the highest return on investment.

Here are 3 common marketing tactics to avoid when marketing your open house this year.

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What Makes Your School Stand Apart?

All too often, schools focus on a number of selling points in marketing collateral that might be true – but don’t adequately describe the institution or what it stands for. Just ask yourself: "How many times have I heard about a premier independent school with personalized attention, strong academics, hands-on learning, and a diverse community?”

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Achieve Higher Conversion Rates on your Web Forms

  Aug 15, 2018 9:33:28 PM / by Angie Ward posted in conversion rate optimization, independent schools, crm, hubspot


As a parent of two young children searching for independent schools, I have noticed how difficult it often is to find or request more information. I know that I am not alone, as data shows that many people drop off of a form that is too long or leave websites entirely when they cannot find what they are looking for. After reading about a school on their website, the easiest next step for prospective parents is to fill out the “contact us” or “inquiry” form. If you are a school or organization struggling to get leads from your website, an optimized inquiry form will help this. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you work through yours:

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